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September 20, 2004

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WORLD GO NEWS: Redmond Defeated In Tengen Preliminary; 30th Tengen Update; Gu Li Wins Chinese-Korean Tengen; Sakai vs. Mizokami in Shinjin O Finals; New International Tournament Underway
GO REVIEW: Get Strong at Attacking
ATTACHED FILE(S): 2004.09.20 British Go Journal Game; 2004.09.20.Nakayama NS-11


JIE LI WINS COTSEN: Jie Li 9d won the 2004 Cotsen Open in Los Angeles, California last weekend, topping a large field of 98 players, including 51 dan players and 47 kyu players. Sponsored  by Eric Cotsen, this event is also renowned for the lavish trimmings, including refundable registrationfees, a catered lunch, masseuses, large cash prizes, impressive trophies and more. In the Club Completion, the Chinese Go Club finished 1st for the third straight year, with 216 points, easily besting 2nd-place Santa Monica=92s 178 points. The Chinese Go Club donated the $1,000.00 prize to the American Go Foundation. In the Club Competition, each player may choose to affiliate or create a club at the start of the tournament and clubs accumulatepoints based on the success of their players. Tournament Director for theCotsen was Chuck Robbins.
     Results: Open Section (6D+, 9 Players): 1st: (1,000): Li, Jie 9d; 2nd: ($500): JEONG, Jong In 8d; 3rd: ($250): MATEESCU, Robert 6d; 4th ($125): HUNG, Joey 8d; 5th ($75): CHANG, Deuk Je 7d; 6th ($50) WANG, Rui 6d
- Dan Section A (4-5D, 16 Players): 1st ($500): HUANG, Jim 4d; 2nd ($250): SUH, Jesse 5d; 3rd ($125): RAN, Qiao 4D
- Dan Section B (2-3D, 14 Players): 1st ($400): XU, Paul 3d; 2nd ($200): SHEN, Cherry 2d; 3rd ($100): MYERS, Bob 3D
- Dan Section C (1D-1K, 12 Players): 1st ($300): SUN, Calvin 1d; 2nd ($150) ZHANG, Tao 1d;3rd ($75): XU, Tom 1d
- Kyu Section A (1-3K, 13 Players): 1st ($200): CHAR, Wai-to S. 2k; 2nd ($100): HUANG, Ming 1k; 3rd ($60); COTSEN, Lloyd Eric 1k
- Kyu Section B (4-8K, 12 Players): 1st ($100): HUANG, George 7k; 2nd ($80) HUTCHINS, George 7k; 3rd ($50): BIRK, Christoph 4k
- Kyu Section C (9-14K, 12 Players): 1st ($80): NORTON, Mark 9k; 2nd ($60) RADO, Daniel 12k; 3rd ($40): TSAI, Ariana 10k
- Kyu Section D (16-35K, 10 Players): 1st ($60): SHEN, Jerry 28k; 2nd ($40): LIN, Tony 16k; 3rd ($30): ASYNAPS, Michael 26k

REVENGE OF THE GO WIDOWS: =93I learned a lesson thistime,=94 reports Chicago organizer Bob Barber. =93The name of our September 18 tourney was Wife Appreciation Tourney and so many folks appreciated their wives that attendance was cut in half to 28. But we all had a good time (especially the winners), and we welcome a new Dan player, Tan Mingdong, to our events.=94
Results: 1st place Dan:  Tan, Mingdong 4d (perhaps 5d, says Barber); 1st place low kyu:  Shen, Li 2k; 1st place mid kyu (tie): Halderman, Nick 11k, Rohde, David 11k; 1st place high kyu: Chen, Jesse 26k.

WAY OF GO AT VIRTUAL CHATAUQUA: Way of Go author TroyAnderson, former insei at the Nihon Ki-In, discusses his book at the Virtual Chataqua online learning community: September 15th through 30th.  There‘s no charge for registering.

GUO JUAN WORKSHOP: Amsterdam-based pro Guo Juan 5P Dan will give herfourth Columbus Day weekend workshop in upstate New York next month. The $300 cost includes individual room, all meals and tuition; a few spaces are still open. Contact Jean-Claude Chetrit at  or check out

SHODAN CHALLENGE UPDATE: The Shodan ChallengeGang continues to grow, this week adding 16-year-old Jonathan Markowitz, a 5-kyu student at the Feng Yun Go School who=92s been playing since January of this year. Jonathan=92s also the founder of the Sabaki Go Club. There are now seven kyu-level players who have committed to making shodan by next year=92s US Go Congress. Look for some of their games soon: the E-Journal has arranged for professional analysis to help the Shodan Challengers improve their games. Also new this week, you can see photos of some of the Challengers on the AGA=92s website at  You too can take the Shodan Challenge by emailing us at

LOOKING FOR FUMIKO: Fumiko Yamanako of Osaka Japan (or anyone who knows Fumiko Yamanako), please contact Russ Williams regarding your
win of the Faithful award in the Self-Paired tournament at the Go Congress so your prize can be sent.

E, NOT I, FOR HAN SENSEI: The last name of Han Zenki 6p=92s teacher is Oeda Yusuke 9p, not Oeda Yusuki 9p as reported last week (Honinbo League Finalized 9/13 EJ); thanks to long-time go writer Richard Dolen for the sharp-eyed catch!


REDMOND DEFEATED IN TENGEN PRELIMINARY: Michael Redmond 9p was defeated by Kojima Takaho 9p in the preliminaries of the 31st Tengen Tournament in Japan on September 9th. We regret that we do not have any details or a game record at presstime.

30TH TENGEN UPDATE: The Tengen is open to all pros belonging to either the Nihon Kiin or the Kansai Kiin. Preliminary tournaments set up a 32-player knockout tournament to determine the challenger. This year‘s challenger‘s tournament has now reached the finals, which will be a single game between Kim Shushun 7p and Yamashita Keigo 9p.To reach the finals, Kim, who is from Korea and in his early twenties, defeated his teacher Cho Chikun 9p, while Yamashita defeated Kato Masao 9p. You can see a good picture of Kim at  In their only previous match-up, in August 2002 in the NHK Cup, Kim defeated Yamashita by 4.5 points.

GU LI WINS CHINESE-KOREAN TENGEN: The match between the Chinese and Korean holders of the “Tengen” title, as it is called in Japanese, has ended with Gu Li 7p, the Chinese title holder, triumphing by a score of 2 to 1. The Chinese term is“Tianyuan” and the Korean is “Chunwon”. In English it would be called the“Center Point” tournament. Game records can be downloaded from

SAKAI VS. MIZOKAMI IN SHINJIN O FINALS: Sakai Hideyuki 6p, the former med student and World Amateur Go Champion who joined the Kansai Kiin, has reached the finals of the 29th Shinjin O (New Stars) tournament in Japan. His opponent will be Mizokami Tomochika 7p, another rising twenty-something star whose picture you can see at  There‘s a small picture of Sakai at Hideyuki  Sakai will also be playing in the semi-finals of the48th Kansai Kiin First Place Tournament against Arakaki Shun 8p.

NEW INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT UNDERWAY: The JP Morgan Cup, a new international tournament sponsored by JP Morgan and the Taiwanese Weiqi Association, is now underway. The Morgan Cup is an open, invitational, international pro tournament with a first prize of two million Taiwanese dollars ($60,000 US).The tournament=92s international status has been somewhat compromised by the refusal of the Chinese to participate, and the lack of any provision for representatives from Europe or North America. The initial invitees includedsix native Taiwanese, three of whom are members of the Nihon Kiin, five other representatives from the Japanese Nihon Kiin (two of whom are Korean by birth), and five Koreans. After the first round, only two of the Korean pros survived, Lee Changho 9p and Park Yeonghun 9p. One of the Taiwanese pros, Lin Shihan, won his first game, and the other five remaining players all represented Japan, O Meien 9p, Yamashita Keigo 9p, O Rissei 9p, Kato Masao 9p, and Cho U 9p, an unusually strong showing by the Japanese pros in international competition, the impact of which is lessened by the absence of the Chinese. At the end of the second round the field has been reduced to two Koreans, Park Yeonghun and Lee Changho, and two Japanese, Yamashita Keigo (who defeated Lin of Taiwan by only 2.5 points) and O Rissei, who is a Taiwanese native. The tournament is being played in Taipei. Game records can be downloaded at

GAME COMMENTARY: A Fatal Slip In The Endgame
       Today=92s game commentary features a game between Emil Nijhuis 6d, a strong European player currently rated number 4 in the Netherlands and Li Wen Hao 5d,a Chinese 5 dan who recently completed an extended visit to Great Britain.Li, who provides extensive commentary, loses this game because of a mistakein the endgame but went on to win the London Open with a score of 6-2. This game commentary was originally published in the current issue of the British Go Journal (#134, Summer 2004) and is used here by permission from the BGJ.
      Our bonus file today is another installment of the beloved =93What=92s Wrong With That Move=3F=94 series by Nakayama Noriyuki.
      To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen‘s

GO REVIEW: Get Strong at Attacking
By Richard Bozulich
reviewed by Dave Laverdure
   “Get Strong at Attacking”is the 10th volume in Richard Bozulich‘s “Get Strong at Go” series. Bozulich starts off with a brief discourse on the idea and benefits of attacking and proceeds to an explanation of the specific techniques involved. After the introduction, the reader is left with a basic of the how and why of attacking, a sense than is developed and sharpened by 136 problems, including diagrams and explanations of success, failure, variations, continuationsand so on.  There is a wealth of material here for readers to use toincrease their attacking strength, as well as many other techniques such asvital points, gouging out eyes, taking advantage of weak shapes, and even the occasional tesuji. All things considered, =93Attacking=94 strongly succeeded for this reader: attacking is now one of the best parts of my game.  But be warned of two things: first, you‘ll soon begin to wonder how todefend the huge moyos you‘ll find yourself mapping out; and second, Bozulich apparently does not believe in proofreading and it shines through amusingly.


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September 25:  Durham, NC
4th Annual Joe Shoenfield Memorial Marathon Go Tournament
Paul Celmer

October 3:  Hoboken NJ
Hoboken Fall Tournament
Larry Russ 201-216-5379

October 3: Seattle, WA
Monthly Ratings Tournament
Jon Boley 206-545-1424

October 8-11:  Round Top, NY
Columbus Day 2004 Guo Juan Workshop
Jean-Claude Chetrit 718-638-2266

October 16:  Houston, TX
Autumn Tournament
Christopher Vu281-480-8615

October 23:  Atlanta, GA
GA GA GA GO Tournament
Ken Labach 770-442-0952

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